Call for Proposals: EU4Business “Innovative Tourism Ventures and Businesses” Grants

Photo: European Union
Photo: European Union

The general objective of the EU4Business “Innovative Tourism Ventures and Businesses” Grant Scheme is to support Armenia’s three northern regions’ regional and economic development by providing financial and technical support to ventures, early-stage startups and established businesses to implement projects creating and/ or further developing advanced tourism products or services with focus on competitiveness and sustainability.

The Grant Scheme seeks to improve and diversify the tourism offer in the three northern regions also in terms of innovativeness, productivity, and quality to develop a pipeline of high-value tourism ventures and enhance offered tourism products.

The Grant scheme also seeks to contribute to the creation of thematic and/or geographic clusters of private sector companies to better exploit their potential through cooperating and combining resources to take advantage of market opportunities.

Who can Apply

This call is open for eligible applicants from all over Armenia, proposed projects, though, should contribute to the development of innovative tourism in Armenia’s either one or several of the three northern regions Tavush, Lori and Shirak. For further details and complete information on eligibility see the Applicants’ Manual.

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