Call for Applications to the third contest of microprojects within the 2014-2020 Poland-Belarus-Ukraine Transboundary Cooperation Programme

European Union, 2019
European Union, 2019

Only for projects dedicated to the Heritage thematic goal and its two components (as follows) are eligible for the participation:

  • Local culture and history promotion;
  • Natural heritage Promotion and preservation.

Contest period: 15.11.2019 – 15.01.2020. The contest is open to microprojects (small-budget projects) that promote cultural, historical and natural heritage-related ideas and topics (see list below), mostly provide for activities of a non-investment nature, and are implemented on the programme area:

  • in Poland: Krosno, Przemyśl, Rzeszów, Tarnobrzeg, Chełm and Zamość, Puławy, Lublin, Biała, Ostrołęka and Siedlce, Łomża, Białystok, Suwałki subregions;
  • in Belarus: Hrodna, Brest, Homieĺ and Minsk regions, and the city of Minsk;
  • in Ukraine: Lviv, Volyn, Zakarpatska, Rivne, Ternopil and Ivano-Frankivsk oblasts.

The cultural, historical and natural heritage-related ideas and topics are:

  • establishment of new transboundary contacts and relations between residents;
  • exchange of experience and social initiatives;
  • common traditions of the transboundary areas;
  • tourism and cultural projects;
  • cultural diversity, cultural minorities and development of local communities;
  • new activities related with culture, arts, sports, education, historical/natural heritage promotion, as well as all types of such activities aimed at supporting the transboundary cooperation.

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