Apply for the "You(th) for Cul/fu(ture)” training course in Moldova

European Union, 2019
European Union, 2019

Training Course

7-16 August 2019 | Moldova

The project aims to develop an educative innovative pathway for boosting employability potential of NEETs throughout creative and cultural entrepreneurship education for youth workers.

Our project will deliver structured innovative approach towards educating youth on how to integrate entrepreneurship within the development of creative practices and to bring a creative approach to the development of new social businesses. Throughout project activities we will support youth workers in their work with unemployed youth in their ability to create innovation and provide them with entrepreneurial skills and attributes to commercialize their creative & cultural knowledge. Both youth workers & young people participating in the project will get theoretical knowledge on cultural economy & creative initiatives and develop techniques to move their creative & critical thinking to entrepreneurial thinking.

The project has following specific objectives:

  • to build capacity of consortium in the field of ‘c/c-e’, enable transfer of practices among the partnership and foster cooperation between EU and EaP countries;
  • to create environment for networking and to equip youth workers with knowledge and specific competences in ‘c/c-e’ education;
  • to create enabling environment for transferring the knowledge on ‘c/c-e’ to NEETs and foster their transversal skills, sense of initiative & entrepreneurship and creative thinking;
  • to create comprehensive learning materials – toolkit and online platform – targeted to youth workers, stakeholders in the field of social entrepreneurship and potential entrepreneurs;
  • to promote social, cultural and creative entrepreneurship, active citizenship and non-formal learning on European level and in EaP countries;
  • to promote European policies in the field of social entrepreneurship and Erasmus+ on European level and in EaP.

The project’s main output will be development of new models of working with young people with fewer opportunities, innovative tools and guidance that would allow youths to implement their own creative & cultural enterprises ideas independently.

This is long term project and involves the following activities:

  • International Training Course in Moldova 7-16 August 2019.

TC is focused on youth workers empowerment in terms of their knowledge of c/c-e and c/c-e education in particular. It will mix a theoretical part about SE & c/c-e as concepts, NFE and informal activities on creative thinking and innovative ideas development, but also practical exercises on teaching c/c-e to NEETs.

  • Job shadowing in Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Cyprus, Italy for the participipants from Moldova, Armenia, Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia;
  • Local activities on NEET empowerment
  • Development of a Tool kit on creative and and cultural entrepreneurship education;
  • Final Seminar in Belgium in 2020.

This project involves participants from Belgium, Cyprus, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Armenia, Moldova, Ukraine, Georgia and Belarus.

This call is for the participants for the training course in Moldova. Priority will be given to the participants able to take part in all project activities.

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