Apply now: Networking Days in Baku

European Union, 2018
European Union, 2018

The Networking Days in Baku is a seven day project which aims to provide networking opportunities for NGOs organizing social/sport projects. In addition to networking opportunities, participants will also be provided with professional workshops in various related topics.

We invite you to join the partnership-building activity which take place in Baku, Azerbaijan on 23-30 August 2018. During the event, you will meet youth workers and project managers from various countries, have the opportunity to introduce yourself, gain new knowledge with the help of professional training on sight and explore social sport projects in other countries. Training topics include:

  • Inclusive, adaptive and disabled sports
  • CSR projects in sports
  • Sport even management
  • Volunteering in sports
  • Integrity in sports

The seven day event is consistent of trainings and field trips which will give a broader sense and vision for participants on how sports can be a catalyst for change for young people, by addressing the following core concerns for young people and how they are affected through sports:

  • Self-development
  • Mental development
  • Female empowerment
  • Depression among young people
  • Unhealthy habits
  • Active social participation, and more... 


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