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European Union, 2018
European Union, 2018

Bridges for Trainers is a space to debate on trends and issues related to training in the youth field. BfT 2018 will explore the roles and tasks of trainers connected with the policy initiatives in the field of youth, including the new EU Youth Strategy.

The main intentions for BfT 2018 are:

  • to get insights of the new programme and/or policy initiatives that have an impact on the role/tasks/work of trainers
  • to explore the contents of the new EU Youth Strategy (still probably in its drafted version)
  • to reflect on possible areas of tensions – thematic or not - with regard to the role and tasks of trainers and policy initiatives
  • to update on and collect feedback to recent and planned developments within the European Training Strategy (ETS)
  • to encourage networking and exchange with other trainers and other training providers

BfT 2018 is organised and financed by the Erasmus+: Youth in Action NAs of Czech Republic, Germany, and SALTO Training and Cooperation Resource Centre and will be moderated by Alexandra Beweis (AT) and Bara Rodi (CZ). The hosting costs will be co-financed by the Erasmus+: Youth in Action NAs of Germany, the Netherlands, Slovenia and Spain.

It will take place from 28-30 November (travel on the 27th evening and departure 30th afternoon) in Prague, Czech Republic and will gather ca. 140 participants with the following profiles or roles:

  • Trainers experienced in youth workers and youth leaders training (national and international level – attention: no trainers training only young people!)
  • Training course providers implementing training strategies for trainers (organisations/institutions)
  • Erasmus+: Youth in Action/SALTO RC staff cooperating with trainers and trainer pools

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