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EU-organised workshop on energy performance of buildings to take place in Moldova

18 April 2018
On 26-27 April, experts from Croatia, Germany, Italy and Greece will visit the Republic of Moldova to conduct a workshop on EU best practice and experience in the implementation of EU legislation and standards for the energy performance of buildings. The event has been organised by the European…
photo credit: Andrey Kumelyov

Ukrainian town of Chernivtsi introduces innovative hybrid trolleybuses

18 April 2018
The Ukrainian town of Chernivtsi has begun testing its innovative hybrid trolleybuses. The trolleybuses are equipped with batteries, which ensure they can travel a minimum of 15 km. They are also equipped with air conditioning systems. The new trolleybuses are designed to improve the public…
Photo: CoM East

Ukrainian towns learn how to improve their energy and climate policies at EU-supported training

17 April 2018
Members of the EU-supported “Covenant of Mayors East” initiative participated in a specialised training session in Kyiv on 12-13 April. At the training, representatives of 29 towns learned how to improve their energy and climate policies and attract investment to implement their Sustainable Energy…
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Seven Georgian municipalities join EU initiative for climate and energy action

17 April 2018
Seven Georgian municipalities recently became members of the EU-funded “Covenant of Mayors East” initiative. The official signing ceremony of the agreement took place in Telavi, Georgia. As a result, the total number of signatories to the EU “Covenant of Mayors East” initiative in Georgia reached…
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Green Energy Forum in Moldova: Learn more about renewable energy sector development

17 April 2018
The Moldovan-Czech forum on the development of the renewable energy sector will take place in the Moldovan capital of Chisinau on 19 April. Participants will include representatives of Czech companies specialised in the production and promotion of green energy technologies involving biogas…
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EU4Energy High-level Policy Talks in Georgia highlight opportunities of EU gas market reforms

13 April 2018
On 12-13 April, the Energy Community is organising a high-level policy event under the EU4Energy Governance Project. The event is dedicated to increasing stakeholder awareness of the new institutional framework and the primary and secondary legislation governing natural gas activities required to…
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EU remains biggest development donor: €75.7 billion in 2017

11 April 2018
The European Union and its Member States continue to be the world's leading provider of Official Development Assistance (ODA) with an overall amount of €75.7 billion in 2017, as confirmed by the newly released figures by the OECD-DAC. This amount represents 0.50% of EU Gross National Income (GNI)…
photo: Ion Carpineanu, mayor of Carpineni village

Moldova: Carpineni village switches to green energy thanks to EU support

09 April 2018
Children at the Carpineni village school in the Republic of Moldova are kept warm during the winter months thanks to the use of renewable energy. The kindergarten switched from natural gas and coal to biomass energy in 2012, thanks to the EU-funded and UNDP-implemented Moldova Energy and Biomass…
photo: UNDP Moldova

Moldova: EU supports energy-efficient street lighting and safe drinking water

09 April 2018
The village of Congaz, the Republic of Moldova’s biggest village, enjoys street lighting at night again after 25 years. A modern and energy-efficient 40 km long lighting network was installed in Congaz thanks to EU support and contributions from local and regional public authorities through the…
photo: Energy and Biomass Project in Moldova

National school competition on renewable energy launched in Moldova

04 April 2018
The EU’s Energy and Biomass Project has launched a national competition on renewable energy in the Republic of Moldova. Pupils who are attending schools connected to biomass heating systems, installed with the support of the EU, as well as pupils in the 7th to 9th grade attending the optional…