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Ukraine to learn from EU experience in market regulation of postal, courier and cargo transportation services

25 September 2018
On 27–28 September, experts from Austria will visit Ukraine to help enhance the regulatory capacity of the country’s National Commission for the State Regulation of Communications and Informatization. They will also share the experience of EU Member States regarding the market regulation of…
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Germany to share experience on aviation safety oversight with Ukraine

25 September 2018
On 26–28 September, state aviation safety oversight experts from Ukraine will visit Germany to learn about international requirements for the skills and training of air navigation services. They will also discuss with their German counterparts the guidance on procedures and processes and the daily…
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EU-supported training helps ensure safe navigation in Black and Caspian Sea regions

24 September 2018
Vessel Traffic Services (VTS) operators from Azerbaijan, Georgia and Ukraine recently joined their counterparts from other countries for a training seminar organised by the EU-funded “Maritime safety, security and marine environmental protection in the Black and Caspian Sea Regions” (BCSEA) project…
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Germany to share experience on common rules and standards for ship inspection with Ukraine

18 September 2018
On 24–27 September, experts from Ukrainian Ministry of Infrastructure will visit the German city of Hamburg to learn about common rules and standards for ship inspection and survey organisations. During the four-day visit, the Ukrainian experts will also discuss with their German counterparts…
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Ukraine: Expert mission on legislation needed for accident investigation in inland and maritime transport

13 September 2018
On 17–21 September, experts from Italy and Lithuania will visit Ukraine to meet with the country’s officials from the State Service for Transport Safety. During the four-day mission, the EU experts will advise their Ukrainian counterparts on the legislative framework necessary for the effective…
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EU to discuss environmental protection in Black and Caspian Sea regions at event in Georgia

05 September 2018
On 12 September, the Georgian city of Batumi will host the Second Steering Committee of the EU-supported “Maritime safety, security, and marine environmental protection in the Black and Caspian Sea Regions” (BCSEA) project. The event will be attended by transport and maritime authorities from…
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Finland to share practice in customs risk management in airports with Belarus

10 August 2018
On 15–17 August, Belarusian officials from the "Minsk 2" customs office will visit Finland to learn the country’s practice on standard controlling procedures for airport passengers. They will visit Helsinki International Airport, meet with airport officials and observe cargo, passengers and luggage…

Poland to share experience of reforming safety management system in rail sector with Ukraine

17 July 2018
On 23-25 July, representatives of the Transport Committee of the Ukrainian Parliament will visit Poland to learn about the country’s experience of reforming its safety management system in the rail sector. They will also be provided with practical advice on the existing system for compliance…
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A spotlight on opinion: New polls highlight perceptions in the Eastern Partner countries

11 July 2018
Almost half of all citizens (46%) in the EU’s Eastern Neighbourhood have a positive image of the European Union – a rise of 2 percentage points on the 2017 figure – while just 13% have a negative perception. 63% believe that the EU’s relationship with their country is good, with citizens of Georgia…
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EU supports project to improve urban road safety in Ukraine

10 July 2018
Five major cities in Ukraine, including its capital of Kyiv, will benefit from a new loan of €75 million provided by European Investment Bank (EIB) to invest in the country’s road safety. Investments will also encourage a shift to a more environmentally friendly public transport system and…