Young Ukrainians present business ideas during EU4Youth entrepreneurship training

Photo: European Union
Photo: European Union

Young people taking part in an EU4Youth entrepreneurship course presented their business ideas during a rehearsal presentation in Kyiv on 12 February.

The participants are are coming to the end of the entrepreneurship training course, during which they had a chance to improve their skills on shaping a business idea, developing their business plan with a budget, reflecting on a marketing plan, and getting to know about taxation principles.

The presentation was an internal event to help participants rehearse their business ideas and answer questions about their plans. The real presentation of the business plans in front of the official Selection Committee will happen in March 2020.

The training is part of the EU4Youth: Employability and Stability in Armenia, Belarus and Ukraine project, funded by the European Union and the Austrian Development Agency and implemented in Ukraine by SOS Children’s Villages Ukraine in partnership with the NGO ‘Alliance for Civil Rights’. The project aims at empowerment and development of the employability and entrepreneurship potential of socially and economically disadvantaged young people aged from 16 to 35 years old, especially young women.

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EU4Youth: Employability and Stability in Armenia, Belarus and Ukraine