Webinar about i-Portunus: how to apply for an EU mobility grant in music, literary translation and architecture

Photo: European Union
Photo: European Union

On Wednesday 3 February 2021, TransArtists organises a webinar about i-Portunus. The webinar will focus on current mobility calls under the EU-funded project – for music, literary translation and architecture.

The submission deadline for ‘i-Portunus for music’ and ‘i-Portunus for literary submission’ is 28 February 2021, and for ‘i-Portunus for architecture’ is 14 March. These calls are open for artists from Armenia, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine.

i-Portunus is funded by the EU under the Creative Europe programme, and supports the mobility of artists, creators and cultural professionals among all countries participating in Creative Europe.

To apply, you should organise a project with a host institution/partner/fellow in another Creative Europe country. The database of Transartists highlights the host organisations that previously welcomed i-Portunus grantees. 

i-Portunus has a total budget of 500,000, with a fixed amount per applicant for transportation and per diem, depending on the destination country and the duration of the mobility.

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