Ukrainian company develops eco-friendly delivery services using electric bikes


The Ukrainian company Delfast is one of the winners of the Climate Innovation Vouchers programme, a joint EU and European Bank for Reconstruction and Development initiative. Thanks to the grant it received, the courier company will further develop its delivery service using electric bikes.

The electric bike developed by the Delfast CEO Danylo Tonkopyi can cover 400 km without requiring additional charging and has a faster rate of charging compared to regular electric bikes (charging 70% in 1 hour). The company is looking for investments in order to commence mass production in Ukraine.

 “Our delivery services have a fixed price and we ensure the delivery in maximum 1 hour in Kiev”, says Danylo. Every electric bike saves up to €2,000 per year, otherwise spend on fuel, for the Delfast courier service. More details about the project are available in this article (in Ukrainian).

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