Ukraine: Statement by EU Spokesperson on recent developments in Crimean peninsula

Photo: European Union
Photo: European Union

On 29 July, the EU Spokesperson issued a statement reiterating that Russia’s continued efforts to undermine Ukraine’s sovereignty, by forcibly integrating the illegally annexed Crimea and Sevastopol into its territory, are a violation of international law.

“The recent keel-laying ceremony of two assault ships in Kerch is yet another clear step in the ongoing militarisation of the peninsula, with a considerable negative impact on regional security in the Black Sea,” added the Spokesperson.

The EU also expressed concerns over the latest restrictions of the freedom of movement for Ukrainian citizens to and from the Crimean peninsula:

“Access to mainland Ukraine and the right to return to the place of residence has to be granted unconditionally and should not require a Russian passport.“

In conclusion, the EU added that it “continues to expect Russia to stop all violations of international law in the Crimean peninsula” and reiterated its support for Ukraine’s independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity.

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