Ukraine celebrates two years since visa-free travel to the EU entered into force


On 11 June, Ukraine celebrated the second anniversary since the visa-free travel regime between Ukraine and the European Union entered into force.

This allowed Ukrainians with biometric passports to travel without visas to most EU countries for a stay of 90 days in any 180-day period. The number of biometric passports issued by Ukrainian authorities has already exceeded 12 million.

According to EU-funded “Association4You” project, over 2.9 million Ukrainians have benefitted from visa-free travel to the EU.

Since the visa-free regime was introduced on 11 June 2017, Ukrainians have travelled to EU countries almost 40 million times (figure also includes those who travel with Schengen or work visas and those who have a residence permit in the EU), and this number continues to rise.

What are the conditions for keeping the visa-free travel? What is happening with it now, including (an unprecedentedly high) number of rejections of Ukrainians on the borders? Find out the answers to these questions and others  in a new article published by EU Neighbours East.

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