Success story: EU helps small-scale agribusinesses in Moldova

Photo: European Union
Photo: European Union

Zinaida Plamadeala is a young Moldovan woman who, together with her siblings, started growing fruit in the countryside for fun. It wasn’t long until they joined forces and set up a family business.

A new article by the European Commission explains how the EU has helped them to increase their company’s productivity and create jobs. Zinaida participated in the EU-funded project assisting small-scale agribusinesses in the Republic of Moldova to gain access to finance and be more competitive.

“My brother is the brains behind the whole thing,” Zinaida said. “He bought some land next to our parents’ farm and we started having fun.”

The project, called ‘Fruit Garden of Moldova’ helps small-scale agribusinesses like this to modernise their businesses, provides wider access to finance via intermediary banks and supports access to international trade.

Now, a new EU initiative called the External Investment Plan will provide support to many more entrepreneurs like Zinaida, in countries neighbouring the EU and in Africa.

The Fruit Garden of Moldova is part of the EU-funded DCFTA Initiative East, implemented by the European Investment Bank under the EU4Business initiative.

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