Start Business Challenge: Online tool to stimulate entrepreneurship development in Ukraine

Photo: EU4Business
Photo: EU4Business

More than 150 entrepreneurs, business associations and media attended a recent event in Kyiv to present the key features and benefits of the ‘Start Business Challenge’ tool. The tool has been developed on behalf of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine by the Better Regulation Delivery Office (BRDO), within the framework of the EU4Business FORBIZ project.

One year on from its launch, the Start Business Challenge tool now features more than 100 online regulatory guides on how to open and operate micro businesses in the service and product sectors in Ukraine and provides a unique solution to the regulatory challenge the country has been facing.

The online support tool for entrepreneurs features regulatory requirements at national level and includes regulatory guides on opening and running a diverse range of popular micro businesses, such as language course providers, photo studios, web companies, nurseries, restaurants, taxi companies, mini bakeries, family medical practices, convenience stores, car washes, internet cafes, beauty salons, small hotels, solar charging stations and electric car charging stations.

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