Solidarity for Health: EU and WHO deliver oxygen concentrators to Armenia

Photo: European Union
Photo: European Union

On 7 April, the European Union and the World Health Organisation handed over 100 oxygen concentrators to the Armenian Ministry of Health under the ‘Solidarity for Health Initiative’, a joint effort of the EU and WHO, which aims to help prevent, detect and respond to the COVID-19 pandemic in the EU’s Eastern Neighbourhood.

The oxygen concentrators are a non-invasive way of providing oxygen to patients hospitalised with COVID-19. They will be used as a first step in treatment of patients with low blood oxygen levels due to severe infection.

"We have supported economic growth during this difficult period, secured the arrival of experts to assist hospitals, helped to provide online access to education and, most importantly, we also support Armenia in one of the most important tasks – saving lives during the pandemic,” said EU Ambassador Andrea Wiktorin. I believe that the oxygen concentrators will help the hospitals, doctors and nurses to ease the stress and pressure they have been experiencing during the pandemic and help them save lives and protect the health of Armenian citizens.

In total, the initiative has already delivered 100 oxygen concentrators to four frontline hospitals in Armenia, more than 50,000 items of personal protection equipment, 11 patient monitors, 20 electrocardiograms and 20,000 high-quality PCR test kits. Additionally, 22 ventilators and 7 stationary fluoroscopy equipment will arrive in Armenia in the coming months.

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