Over 30 small business initiatives receive EU support to develop Belarus regions

Photo: UNDP Belarus
Photo: UNDP Belarus

As a result of the recent EU-supported call for initiatives on entrepreneurship development in Belarus, 8 cluster initiatives and 25 socially important initiatives were selected.

In the Biaroza, Brahin, Žlobin, Kobryn and Lida districts, the winning initiatives will carry-out joint activities of local businesses that may form a cluster. The implementation of these initiatives will contribute to improving the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in industry and agriculture, wood processing, food production, IT and tourism.

Socially important initiatives will help to address a number of social problems within vulnerable groups: children with special needs, people with disabilities, youth, women living in rural areas and others.

A total of 177 applications were submitted for the call.

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