New roads, easier border crossings and €3 million to COVID response projects: Poland-Belarus-Ukraine Cross-border Cooperation Programme shares annual results

Photo: European Union
Photo: European Union

The Poland-Belarus-Ukraine Cross-border Cooperation Programme, funded by the European Union, had summarised its main activities and achievements in 2020.

Overall, 139 projects were implemented in 2020, including 10 Large Infrastructure Projects, with an overall budget of €20.5 million.

In total, 85 km of roads in the Programme area were built or reconstructed as part of these projects, with a focus on local roads connecting towns and villages suffering the most from poor infrastructure. Road repairs were conducted in the Lubelskie, Mazowieckie and Podkarpackie Voivodeships (PL), in the Hrodna and Brest Oblasts (BY) and in the Lviv and Volyn Oblast (UA).

As part of two projects for border efficiency and security ROAD and Pavilions two additional control lanes and new pavilions for custom and passport control at the Kuźnica Białostocka-Bruzhi border crossing were introduced. As a result, the throughput border capacity increased almost by 76%, significantly accelerating border control.

Responding to the COVID-19 crisis, the Programme allocated an additional 3 million to 12 healthcare projects to allow them to purchase special equipment and supplies.

Promoting local culture and history, funded projects have developed two virtual walks, one mobile application, outdoor cultural events, workshops and exchange for cultural management. Numerous albums, travel guides and maps were published in print and online.

The PBU team is currently developing the Interreg NEXT 2021-2027 Programme.

The Cross-border Cooperation Programme Poland-Belarus-Ukraine has for 17 years supported development processes in the borderlands of Poland, Belarus and Ukraine by co-financing diverse projects. All projects financed within the Programme are non-profit and contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of inhabitants of eastern Poland and western Ukraine and Belarus.


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