New EU4Energy policy brief: How will electricity market reform benefit Moldovan citizens?

Photo: European Union
Photo: European Union

On 29 July, the EU4Energy Governance project published a policy brief on the urgent need for electricity market reform in the Republic of Moldova. The document contains key recommendations on the next steps to be taken in the reform process.

The brief revealed that Moldova’s energy security is at risk due to its limited interconnection to non-domestic suppliers and the lack of a robust domestic generation capacity. At the same time, Moldovan citizens are paying high costs in their energy bills.

Adopting and implementing legislation, removing all remaining restrictions on electricity trade, and allowing for full market integration between Moldova and Ukraine is of the utmost urgency. Further integration with the Ukrainian electricity market, interconnection with Romania, and the implementation of Energy Community legislation will also improve the transparency and integration of the Moldovan electricity systems with regional markets, providing fair prices and improving energy security.

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