Music and technology connect traditions in Baku–Tallinn ‘Low Latency’ concert

Фото: Европейский Союз
Фото: Европейский Союз

A world premiere of new compositions for traditional instruments was at the heart of ‘Connecting Traditions’ – a ‘distributed’ concert featuring high-level speakers and performers located in Baku, Azerbaijan, and Tallinn, Estonia.

The concert was organised on 20 December 2019 in connection with the EU-funded project ‘Eastern Partnership Connect’ (EaP Connect) and the 2018 winner of the ‘Enlighten Your Research’ programme – the ‘MICRO’ project. The event was held at the Baku Music Academy, and it was the first concert in Azerbaijan to feature ‘Low Latency’ (LoLa) technology.

LoLa combines audio-visual data transmission technology with cutting-edge research and education networks, allowing musicians, dancers, actors and other artists in different locations to work together in real time, without significant distortion or delay.

The innovative technology was implemented in Azerbaijan in cooperation with the National Research and Education Network AzScienceNet, the AzEduNet network at the Baku Music Academy, the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, and the Italian Research and Education Network GARR.

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