Moldovan and Belarusian municipalities cooperate on business support infrastructure development, and implementation of local economic initiatives

Photo: M4EG
Photo: M4EG

At the end of July, representatives of Gagauzia region of Moldova conducted a study visit aimed at exploring best practices on business support services provision in Belarus. Representatives visited three out of six regions of the country – Homieĺ, Slaŭharad, and Polack.

The visit aimed at providing a comprehensive overview of Belarusian best practices to support small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and start-ups, including attracting investments and promoting job-creation at regional and local level.

The 13 participants from Moldova including the mayors of Comrat, Ceadir-Lunga and Gaidar (Gagauzia region), familiarised themselves with the organisation and the functioning of business support hard infrastructure for SMEs support services. This included free economic zones, techno parks, business incubators and the institutional (soft) infrastructure, which regional and local authorities in Belarus provided.

Mayors for Economic Growth is an initiative of the European Union, established in 2017, to support mayors and municipalities of the Eastern partner countries to become active facilitators for economic growth and job creation at local level.

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