Moldova: EU brings both banks of Dniester River together with a musical performance

Photo: European Union
Photo: European Union

On 7 February, 135 musicians from both banks of the Dniester River, including 95 children, teamed up for a concert in Tiraspol, the republic of Moldova, with the support of the EU.

The Moldovan National Youth Orchestra (MNYO), led by conductor Andriano Marian, were joined by 10 performers from the left bank of Dniester River, while the choirs ‘Firicel’ from Tiraspol and ‘Sonor’ from Chișinău united in one stronger voice, moving the hearts and spirits of the locals.

Seven singers, accompanied by instrumentalists and children, performed famous songs by legendary bands such as Queen, Nirvana, Bi-2, The Scorpions, The Beatles and others.

The rock symphony concert was part of the MNYO’s ‘Music Connecting People’ tour. Between September and October 2019, the MNYO organised concerts and musical flash-mobs in several communities on the left bank of the River Dniester – Tîrnauca, Carmanova, Rîbnița, Ofatinți, Dubăsari, Rașcov and Camenca – getting applause from around 1000 people.

These activities have been supported by the EU through the ‘Support to Confidence Building Measures’ programme, implemented by the United Nations Development Programme in Moldova. The aim of the programme is to bring the people from both sides of the river closer by involving them in joint development projects.

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