Mobile app to facilitate climate finance and promote green technologies

Photo: EBRD
Photo: EBRD

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) has launched the mobile app Tech Selector, whose aim is to facilitate the delivery of climate finance and promote green technologies.

Tech Selector will help to meet the needs of people who use mobile devices for commerce, by giving them access to around 18,000 best-in-class green technologies, while improving access to information about climate finance in over 10 languages.

The app will help businesses and homeowners to find green technologies that improve energy efficiency, provide renewable energy and reduce water use and soil erosion. The technologies included in the app range from energy efficient heat pumps and solar panels that produce renewable energy to water-efficient drip irrigation systems and no-till seeding machines that support sustainable land management.

The Tech Selector will accelerate the delivery of climate finance under the Green Economy Financing Facility and other financial instruments of the EBRD, with the support of international donors such as the EU, the Green Climate Fund and the Climate Investment Fund.

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