Let’s meet Europe! EU-funded summer camps for children and teenagers from Ukraine

Photo: European Union
Photo: European Union

The EU-supported ‘House of Europe’ project in Ukraine invites children aged 11-13 and teenagers aged 14-16 from all over Ukraine to the European Youth Camps, which will take place from 21 June to 2 July.

The camp for children will focus on tolerance and inclusion, and for teenagers on ecology and sustainable development. The children will participate in a 10-day creative adventure and have fun, meet friends from all over Ukraine, active and motivated to change the world, and volunteers from the European Union, who will share their experiences. They will also receive a pack of stylish souvenirs.

An exclusive online platform has been developed for the camp: it is compliant with all computers and smartphones. The organisers have also created a mobile app, where participants will complete quests.

Parents can apply for their children until 31 March. The organisers suggest to make sure the children are willing to join the camp and ask them to write an essay up to one page long, to create a video or audio up to one minute long, or to draw a picture on why they want to join the camp, and send it together with the application form.

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