How to report on energy: EU-supported training for journalists in Azerbaijan

Photo: Unsplash
Photo: Unsplash

Between 29 and 31 May, the EU-funded OPEN Media Hub project will organise a production workshop for journalists on “Reporting on Energy”.

The event is scheduled to coincide with the Caspian Oil and Gas Exhibition, providing an opportunity for reporters to meet industry leaders and report on the latest developments in this sector, with a specific focus on cooperation between Azerbaijan and the EU in the energy sphere.

The workshop will be practically oriented, focusing on the production of stories to be published by the media of the participating journalists and shared internationally on the OPEN Media Hub content exchange platform.

Those interested in applying should fill out the application form attached here before 15 May.

For journalists interested in covering energy, the OPEN Media Hub also offers a top-class, free online course led by the Energy Charter’s Dr Marat Terterov. The course is openly available in English here and in Russian here.

Applicants to the workshop on 29-31 May are advised to take the online course in advance in order to better prepare for their coverage of the Caspian Oil and Gas Exhibition.

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