Georgia: EU-supported festival on positive parenthood takes place in Lagodekhi

Photo: ENPARD Georgia
Photo: ENPARD Georgia

On 15 April, the Georgian village of Leliani, in Lagodekhi municipality, saw over 100 people come together for the “Positive Parenthood” festival.

The event was supported by the EU and aimed to promote healthy parenting practices, by demonstrating joint sports and entertainment activities between parents and children which encourage closer relationships and friendships.

The event was supported through the EU’s European Neighbourhood Programme for Agriculture and Rural Development (ENPARD). Its Rural Development Project Manager, Nino Kikabidze, said that creating education and professional opportunities for youth is one of the priorities of ENPARD’s rural development project in Lagodekhi.

“The goal of this festival is to capitalise on a healthy parenting practice,” she added. “The formation of personality starts at an early age. Therefore it is extremely important to establish [the] right communication with children, so that they can better realise their potential, which eventually will lead to forming a healthy, happy and development-oriented society.”

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