European Village in Moldova: Young European Ambassadors engage with youth

European Union
European Union

On 12-13 May, Young European Ambassadors (YEAs) participated in the latest edition of the European Village, which was held in the Republic of Moldova with the support of the EU Delegation to the country.

This year, the European Village set up camp in the Stefan cel Mare Central Park , where tents presenting EU-funded projects and showcasing the impact of EU assistance to the country were set up.

The YEAs engaged with young Moldovans to raise their awareness about the EU and its relations with the country, as well as opportunities for youth available through various EU programmes and initiatives. They also informed participants about online channels of communication and encouraged them to become actively involved in a continued mutual exchange of information on the EU and its relations with the Republic of Moldova.

The European Village also offered visitors the possibility to enjoy European culture, films  and cuisine and participate in foreign language classes, all organised with the participation of embassies of EU Member States and partner countries.

YEAs are part of the ‘Young European Neighbours’ youth network, which was launched in June 2016 by the ‘EU NEIGHBOURS east’ project. It focuses on strengthening cooperation between young people aged 15-25 and youth organisations from the EU and Eastern Partner countries.

The network serves as a communication platform to engagement in social actions. Following two open calls for applications, over 200 young people from the EU’s Member States and Eastern Partner countries have been selected to act as ‘Young European Ambassadors’. A new wave of applications will open in summer 2018.

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