EU4Youth SKYE club volunteer recognised as ‘Volunteer of the Year’ in Armenia

Photo: European Union
Photo: European Union

On 5 December, the ‘EU4Youth – SAY YES Skills for Jobs’ project supported the organisation of an annual event held in recognition of the best volunteers of the year throughout the country. There were 9 nominations, and one of the leaders of the SKYE clubs formed with the ‘Say Yes’ project, Ms. Yeva Demirtchyan, was recognised as the best community volunteer of 2019.

Yeva joined the SKYE clubs in June 2018, and since then her achievements as a club leader, as well as a volunteer, have been significant. Not only does she facilitate two SKYE clubs at Ararat State college (with a total of 40 participants in each), but she also currently implements a project to support her community by addressing a few of its many needs while simultaneously educating young people to love and care for their community – to know its resources and potential, as well as the real problems.

While doing her volunteer work for at least for 8 hours a week, Yeva also studies for her Master degree and teaches at Ararat State College. 

The EU4Youth – SAY YES Skills for Jobs project aims to contribute to jobs and self-employment among young women and men aged between 15 and 35 in Armenia and Georgia, particularly those with fewer opportunities and from vulnerable groups, by carrying out a series of activities focused on education and training, advocacy and youth work. It is implemented in Armenia by World Vision Armenia.

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