EU4Energy: Increasing investment in energy efficiency in Belarus

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European Union

The Energy Charter Secretariat recently held an expert meeting intended to steer and support Belarus in increasing investment in energy efficiency. The event, which took place on 5 September in the country’s capital of Minsk, brought together key decision-makers and stakeholders including policy-makers, energy companies, international organisations and representatives of the private sector.

In recent years, the Republic of Belarus has sought to develop and modernise the efficiency of its energy sector, as well as to enhance its energy security. These priorities require a significant amount of investment, both public and private, as well as the finalisation of electricity sector reform. Such a reform would be a major step towards overcoming the barriers to investment which increases the efficiency of electricity generation, transmission and distribution. Furthermore, it would also stimulate the growth of renewables in Belarus. As such, the experiences and best practices of EU member states are examined and considered for adoption in Belarus.

The event was organised as part of EU4Energy – a European Union initiative that works with the eleven countries that make up the Eastern Partnership and Central Asian regions to support their energy policy-making. Under the EU4Energy umbrella, the Energy Charter Secretariat is cooperating with Armenia, Azerbaijan and Belarus in the elaboration of their policies and legislation related to energy efficiency.

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