EU4Energy Governance project helps the energy sector reform in the Republic of Moldova

Photo: European Union
Photo: European Union

Moldova took the first big step in adopting the new Law on Energy Efficiency that was prepared with the support of the EU4Energy Governance project. The country also received support in developing the building certification system, a step forward to finalising the work for full compliance of the Law on Energy Performance of Buildings.

A number of regulatory acts were developed that will support the reform of the electricity market in Moldova, and will help the country meet its obligations under the Energy Community Treaty and the Third Energy Package. In total, thanks to the EU assistance, 11 draft legal acts in the areas of energy efficiency, electricity and gas were developed.

The new Law on Energy Efficiency and the Law on Energy Performance in Buildings will ensure that Moldovan citizens are not paying for wasted energy. Citizens will reap the benefits of living and working in energy efficient buildings including lower energy bills and maintenance fees in buildings, lower greenhouse emissions, and a more comfortable and healthy home environment. Electricity market reform will support the integration of the Moldovan electricity market with the regional markets, providing fair prices and improving the energy security of the country.

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