EU supports re-equipment of recycling factory in Homieĺ region of Belarus to reduce damaging impact on environment

European Union
European Union

Thanks to an EU-funded project, harmful dairy waste in the Homieĺ region of Belarus will no longer be transported to other regions for processing. Instead, all waste will be processed locally in the production area of Milkavita recycling factory in Chojniki, which has been modernised with the support of the project.

The modernisation of the factory involved the re-equipment of its curd whey processing line. As a result, its processing capacity will increase to 110 tons per day, or around 2,300 tons per month. The pilot initiative has also helped to pave the way for further waste treatment at other dairy enterprises in Homieĺ region.

The technical re-equipment of the factory was carried out as part of a green pilot initiative by the Association of European Business (AEB), within the framework of the EU-funded project “Supporting the Transition to a green economy in the Republic of Belarus”, implemented in partnership with the country’s Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection.

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