EU supports Moldova’s justice reform


Last week, experts from the European Commission and EU Member States were in the Republic of Moldova’s capital of Chisinau to share peer-to-peer expertise on judicial accountability, independence, integrity and performance evaluation, in the presence of international partners.

The country’s Prime Minister, Maia Sandu, and Minister of Justice, Olesea Stamate, joined the workshop, signalling the centrality of the rule of law on the new Moldovan government’s reform agenda.

Expert presentations and discussions during the workshop raised important aspects related to the preparation of the evaluation of judicial performance.

The EU experts explained key principles, measures and mechanisms for the improvement of the judiciary's accountability, independence and integrity, including re-examination of judges.

Special attention was given to the evaluation and functioning assessment of the highest judicial instances. Guidance for the criteria and rules governing such actions were provided. Similarly, the role of international partners in this process will be addressed, namely that of the EU.

The event was organised the European Commission’s Technical Assistance and Information Exchange Instrument (TAIEX).

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