EU supports Moldova in boosting energy efficiency and modernising infrastructure

Photo: European Union
Photo: European Union

The EU is actively supporting cities in the Republic of Moldova in developing local infrastructure and energy modernization.

One successful example is the city of Cantemir, where there are several large-scale projects in progress. With support from the EU, the city will be equipped with a new sewerage system, sewage treatment plant and energy-efficient street lighting, and four educational institutions will receive full thermal modernisation.

The street lighting and school renovation projects are implemented within the EU-funded programme ′Covenant of Mayors East′. As a result of these projects, four buildings (two preschools, a gymnasium and a lyceum) in Cantemir will receive a complete thermal modernisation and reduce their CO₂ emissions by over 80%, cutting their electricity bills.

Additionally, the city’s new LED street lights will be controlled remotely online and will use up to 80% less energy compared to before. This will reduce CO₂ emissions by nearly 100 tonnes per year, which is equivalent to planting nearly 4,500 trees.

The EU has also funded similar projects in Feștelița, Ocnița and Călărași, with a total value of almost €1.5 million. Moreover, eight schools in the country have won EU projects in the field of energy efficiency, with a total investment of nearly €13 million. In Chișinău, the EU provided €5 million for a similar project.

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