EU supports introduction of life skills and employability courses for young people in Belarus

Photo: European Union
Photo: European Union

On 24 May, 29 trainers from 15 educational institutions of the Belarusian capital of Minsk and Minsk region met to discuss challenges and experiences in implementing the educational activities related to life skills and employability for young people.

The participants have already begun or planning to introduce in their institution a course under the EU-supported ‘Life Skills and Employability Training Programme for Young People’.

“Such meetings are very useful for me as a trainer, as this is an excellent opportunity to discuss the programme with those who are also implementing it, to look at the possibilities and methods of solving difficult situations arising from the training, and to discuss methods together, said Svetlana Minakova from the village of Istoki, who is a trainer for the programme. “For me, this is also an additional motivation for the further implementation of the training programme.”

“The meeting allowed joint activities to find solutions that cause some difficulties in the course of training. Summarising the difficulties they had found in the work, the participants requested training in working with adolescent groups in a training format that would allow to take into account the age characteristics of adolescents,” added trainers Svetlana Marks and Alesya Zlotskaya.

The event also provided an opportunity to exchange information on non-standard forms (forum - theatre, professional immersion), and additional materials that were used during the trainings.

The Employability and stability in Armenia, Belarus and Ukraine project is funded by the European Union under its EU4Youth initiative. The project contributes to creating better prospects for employment and entrepreneurship among disadvantaged youth and to increasing their active participation in the labour market in Armenia, Belarus and Ukraine.

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