EU supports development of water management plan for Pripyat River in Belarus

Photo: European Union
Photo: European Union

The recently established Pripyat Basin Council in Belarus held its first meeting at the end of June. The council will consult and prepare recommendations for developing management solutions for the Pripyat River basin, which will be taken into account when developing the country’s River Basin Management Plans (RBMP).

The council consists of representatives of state government at the national level, including representatives from Belarus’s Ministry of Housing and Communal Services and the Ministry of Transport; local executive and administrative bodies of the Brest, Gomel and Minsk regions; and non-governmental organisations.

The EU-funded “European Union Water Initiative Plus for the Eastern Partnership” (EUWI +) project is helping the country develop the full-scale Pripyat River Basin Management Plan, paying particular attention to the development of mechanisms for involving stakeholders and water users in the preparation and implementation of RBMPs, and the programme of measures.

The members of the council studied the draft of the Pripyat River Basin Management Plan and discussed the issues regarding the expediency of the E-40 waterway restoration, as well as practical interaction with public associations.

The EUWI+ East project helps Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, the Republic of Moldova, and Ukraine bring their legislation closer to EU policy in the field of water management, with a focus on the management of trans-boundary river basins. It supports the development and implementation of pilot river basin management plans, building on the improved policy framework and ensuring a strong participation of local stakeholders.

With a total budget of €24.8 million, the project spans over a 5-year period (2016-2020) and aims to improve the management of water resources, in particular trans-boundary rivers, developing tools to improve the quality and availability of water in the long term.

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