EU supports Community Safety Strategy in different regions of Ukraine

Photo: European Union
Photo: European Union

The European Union Advisory Mission (EUAM) in Ukraine supports the implementation of the Community Safety Strategy in different regions of the country.

The strategy aims to tackle the most urgent local public safety issues through coordinated planning and response by local law enforcement agencies, the local government and civil society.

With EUAM Ukraine as facilitator, the initiative has already made significant progress in Kharkiv, and it is now being introduced in the cities of Lviv and Odesa.

In the short term, EUAM Ukraine aims to bring together citizens and civil society with law enforcement agencies and other local authorities to identify possible joint solutions to security issues.

In the long term, members of the working groups will seek to apply specific solutions so that the safety of citizens is tangibly enhanced, ultimately improving trust between citizens and law enforcement agencies.

This is the first time the country has taken a coordinated approach to address local security concerns via a dedicated strategy.

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