With EU support, Belarusian start-up brings holographic images to the mass market

Photo: European Union
Photo: European Union

Once considered the ‘Silicon Valley’ of the Soviet Union, Belarus’s technology industry is growing fast and winning worldwide recognition.

More than 30,000 young designers and engineers are active on the tech scene in Minsk, a city with a population of around two million.

A new article published by the euprojects.by website highlights a great example of flourishing talent. Lifelong friends, Kiryl Chykeyuk and Artem Stavenka, founded HYPERVSN, the first 3D holographic display system that enables people to create, manage and display videos that appear to float in the air. Anyone can easily upload the content via wifi without needing wearable gadgets to appreciate it.

The company is the first to introduce this type of cutting-edge visuals that provide an immersive experience for viewers.

In 2018 with the EU’s support under the EU4Business initiative, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development helped HYPERVSN to improve its management effectiveness by implementing resource management systems and an integrated accounts system.

This helped to improve the quality of data processing and information exchange at the HYPERVSN Research and Development Centre, as well as enhance management and communication with suppliers.

The support translated to higher productivity and an increase in the company’s revenue and net profitability. The start-up now has 150 employees and its product has reached several internationally recognised brands. The company is now exploring interactive holograms to  use in various sectors including education and medicine.


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