EU on selection process for supreme court judges in Georgia


On 5 October, the EU issued a statement on the Georgian Parliament’s newly adopted legislative amendments aimed at reviewing the selection process for supreme court judges.

The statement said that “[t]he European Union and other key observers had repeatedly expressed concerns over the shortcomings in this selection process”. The EU further expressed its regret that the country’s parliament did not take into account the opinion of the Venice Commission on this legislation.

“This was a missed opportunity to create greater public trust in this process,” stressed the EU.

“The European Union will assess the legislation and its implications, taking into account the upcoming Opinion of the Venice Commission, and expects that Georgia will further consider the rules of the selection process in light of the Venice Commission’s recommendations,” underlined the statement.

In conclusion, the EU added that “upholding the highest standards of ethics and integrity in its judiciary is key for Georgia’s credibility in the eyes of its citizens and international partners, and for the advancement of the EU-Georgia partnership”.

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