EU report on trade preferences reveals information about Armenia

Photo: EU4Business
Photo: EU4Business

The EU has published a report on the Generalised Scheme of Preferences (GSP) for 2018–2019, including Armenia as a beneficiary of the GSP+ scheme.

The GSP removes import duties on developing countries’ exports to the EU. By creating additional export opportunities, it helps the countries to tackle poverty and create jobs while also respecting sustainable development principles.

According to the European Commission report, which is published every two years, exports to the EU from the 71 GSP beneficiary countries increased to almost €184 billion. Nearly €69 billion of these used GSP special preferences.

Armenia is one of the GSP beneficiary countries, maintaining a GSP+ utilisation rate of over 90%, with a slight drop in 2018. Usage of GSP+ continues to be highly concentrated on base metals (aluminium, iron, and steel).

Reported figures for GSP+ imports to the EU for 2018 decreased significantly compared to previous years, the report says. This is largely the result of a significant share of EU imports from Armenia having been registered as confidential by EU Member States

More detailed information on Armenia's commitment to reforms, trade figures and future GSP+ status can be found in the dedicated section of the report.

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