EU releases local statement on the detention of Azerbaijani journalist Mehman Aliyev

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On 6 September, the European Union released a statement in which it expressed its deep concern over the detention of Mehman Aliyev, a prominent Azerbaijani journalist and Director of the Turan news agency, on 24 August. “Aliyev has been detained initially for a period of three months on charges of ‘tax evasion’, ‘illegal entrepreneurship’ and ‘abuse of authority’,” the EU said.

“Turan is one of the few independent media voices in Azerbaijan. Mr Aliyev's detention was followed by a search of the Turan premises and its bank accounts were frozen, forcing Turan to announce the suspension of its work as of 1 September.”

In its statement, the EU called upon Azerbaijan to ensure respect for its international commitments.

“The EU is following the case of Mehman Aliyev very closely. We call on Azerbaijan to cooperate closely with international structures, including the OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media in this regard, who called for immediate release of Mr Aliyev and to guarantee that the fundamental freedoms of Mehman Aliyev are not violated further,” the statement concluded.

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