EU provides laboratory equipment to Georgia to help detect industrial chemicals and pesticides in water

Photo: European Union
Photo: European Union

On 30 October, the EU and Georgia celebrated Water Laboratory Day as the EU provided new equipment for the water laboratory at the country’s National Environmental Agency.

With this upgrade, the country will now be able to conduct state-of-the-art water analysis and provide certified laboratory capacities, increasing the protection of water and river basins in Georgia.

The new devices are able to detect a much wider range of industrial chemicals and pesticides, many of which are cancerogenic, neurotoxic, or bioaccumulating.

With the laboratory’s new equipment, more pollutants can be monitored and subsequently managed with greater precision. This will eventually lower the risk for people and ecosystems suffering from the toxic effects of such pollutants.

The assistance was provided through EU Water Initiative Plus for Eastern Partnership Countries (EUWI+) project. Georgia’s Ministry of Environmental Protection and Agriculture partners with this project to improve the sustainable management of water resources with a focus on transboundary river basin management.

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