EU project helps South Caucasus countries reduce cost of internet connectivity for research and education

Photo: European Union
Photo: European Union

The prices of internet connectivity for research and education communities in South Caucasus countries have dropped by more than 80%.

This became possible with the help of the EU’s Eastern Partnership Connect (EaP Connect) project. Procurement activities supported by the project have helped to achieve this reduction. The money saved by EaPConnect partners in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia can now be invested in the development of services and skills that will strengthen the national research and education networks (NRENs).

This will better support the countries’ research and education communities and their ability to collaborate with peers in Europe and other world regions.

The EaPConnect project aims to create a regional research and education network in the EU’s Eastern partner countries, namely Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine. The overall objective is to decrease the digital divide, improve intra-regional connectivity and facilitate the participation of local scientists, students and academics in global research and education collaborations.

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