EU partners issue statement on post-election violence in Belarus

Photo: European Union
Photo: European Union

On 17 November, the EU Delegation to Belarus, on behalf of the EU Member States represented in Minsk, the British Embassy, the Embassy of Switzerland and the Embassy of the United States of America, issued a statement on the deteriorating human rights situation in Belarus.

“We condemn the increased use of violence and the violations of human and civil rights in Belarus since the fraudulent presidential election of 9 August 2020,” said the statement.

“The number of arrests of peaceful protesters is nearing 30,000. The number of politically motivated criminal cases is reaching 900. The list of political prisoners continues to grow and has more than 100 names on it.”

The statement underlined a lack of indication that the authorities are investigating the thousands of reports of police brutality filed since mid-August and the killings of protesters, including, most recently, Raman Bandarenka.

“It appears that no professional or social group in Belarus has been spared by the Belarusian authorities’ unrelenting efforts to suppress dissent against election fraud, police brutality and politically motivated repression,” the statement continued. “Pressure on the medical, academic and media communities has been especially harsh.”

The signatories of the joint statement invited the Belarusian authorities to re-visit repeated requests from the international community for access to political prisoners and penitentiary facilities to be able “to verify persisting reports of deplorable prison conditions and inhumane treatment of detainees and prisoners in Belarus”.

In unison with earlier statements, the signatories of this one called on the Belarusian authorities “to immediately stop indiscriminate violence against their own people and release all those unjustly detained”.

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