EU launches cross-border educational campaign for schools in Belarus, Poland and Ukraine

Photo: European Union
Photo: European Union

The EU-funded ‘Cross-border Cooperation Programme Poland-Belarus-Ukraine’ (CBC PBU) has announced the start of its Cross-border educational campaign for schools from Belarus, Poland and Ukraine within its actions for European Cooperation Day 2021, annually marked on 21 September.

The slogan of this year’s campaign is ‘Youth Voices of PBU’.

Due to the pandemic, the Programme cannot hold the event in one place to get together the participants from all three countries, but it will help them develop their skills in communicating and expressing themselves, overcoming cultural barriers, and cooperating across borders.

On 23-26 September 2021, the Programme plans to hold simultaneously three-mirror events in Poland, Belarus, and Ukraine for 24 winning teams (as real events, depending on the situation). In case of serious COVID-19 limitations, the events will be held online.

The deadline for submission of applications is 14 May 2021.

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To participate, fill in the online application form - PLBYUA  

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