EU helps schoolchildren from Ukraine and Belarus get actively involved in intercultural dialogue

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European Union

On 6 March, Ukrainian schoolchildren aged 7-17 from Volyn region performed a literary and musical composition entitled “Lesya’s Fairy Tale” for their Belarusian peers. Based on the works of the Ukrainian poet Lesya Ukrainka, the concert took place in the Palace of Culture of the agricultural town of Dyvin in the Kobryn district of Brest region, in Belarus.

Through the works of Lesya Ukrainka, one of the most notable writers of Ukrainian literature, young performers took to the stage to express the uniqueness of their folk customs, rites and songs; an ineffable beauty of Polesian culture.

The performance was part of the joint EU-supported Belarusian-Ukrainian project “By learning the culture of the neighbouring nation – towards sustainable partnership and mutual understanding”, which promotes the sustainable economic, social and cultural development of local communities in the neighbouring regions of Ukraine and Belarus.

In the framework of this project, residents of the Volyn and Brest regions are becoming acquainted with the cultural heritage of both nations, initiating a dialogue of cultures and traditions, especially among children and youth.

The project is funded by the EU-supported Eastern Partnership Territorial Cooperation Programme (Belarus–Ukraine).

The Eastern Partnership Territorial Cooperation Programme’s goal is to promote sustainable cross-border cooperation between bordering regions of the Eastern Partner countries to develop joint solutions to common challenges in border areas between Moldova and Ukraine, Armenia and Georgia, Azerbaijan and Georgia, and Belarus and Ukraine, with due regard to the specifics of each border area. It also aims to develop the capacity of state and non-state bodies of neighbouring countries to jointly establish and implement cross-border projects.

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