EU cross-border cooperation programme to organise training seminars for organisations in Belarus and Ukraine interested in applying for its grants

Photo: European Union
Photo: European Union

Organisations from Belarus, Ukraine and Poland who are interested in applying for this year’s call for proposals under the EU-supported Poland-Belarus-Ukraine Cross-border Cooperation (CBC) Programme are invited to attend series of training seminars to help them prepare their applications.

Registration will be open from 20 to 30 August and the series of trainings for programme applicants will be launched on 11 September.

The training programme is designed to support potential applicants in their work and in their preparation for their applications to the CBC Programme. The programme’s experts will present the general assumptions of the call, an application pack, the assessment criteria and visibility requirements, as well as the general rules for EU project implementation.

The seminars will be conducted in national languages. More information on the eligibility criteria, training schedule for each of the three countries and how to apply can be found here.

The Poland-Belarus-Ukraine Cross-border Cooperation Programme supports cross-border development processes in the bordering regions of Poland, Belarus and Ukraine. In the period 2014–2020, the programme focuses on the promotion of economic and social development and addresses common challenges in environment, public health, safety and security. It also works to promote improved conditions and modalities for better mobility of persons, goods and capital.

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