EU cooperation monthly digest showcases results of EU assistance in Ukraine

Photo: European Union
Photo: European Union

On 20 June, the EU Delegation to Ukraine presented the latest version of its digest depicting the most interesting stories resulting from the EU’s assistance to the country.

The June digest showcases how the EU helps Ukrainian teachers to implement joint projects with European schools, funds studies in Europe and cultural exchanges.

It also talks about grants the EU provided for the translation of European books into Ukrainian, the development of the unique Tustan Reserve in the Carpathians and research projects of Kharkiv-based scientists to support the development of environmentally friendly aircraft.

The publication also mentions that the EU finances international exchanges for start-up entrepreneurs and provides small and medium-sized businesses with access to affordable loans.

The newsletter also touches upon the topic of conflict response in Ukraine's east. The EUs European Investment Bank has provided long-term loans for the reconstruction of healthcare institutions in Kharkiv.

To read the digest, follow this link.

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