EU–Armenia Partnership Council – joint press statement

Photo: European Union
Photo: European Union

The second EU–Armenia Partnership Council took place in Brussels on 13 June.

The Council reaffirmed the commitment of the EU and Armenia to implement the Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement (CEPA) effectively.

It highlighted the paramount importance of the rule of law and respect for human rights, including an independent, efficient and accountable justice system.

In this context, the EU welcomed the conduct of the December 2018 Parliamentary elections in Armenia, which were held with respect for fundamental freedoms and enjoyed broad public trust.

The CEPA implementation roadmap, adopted by Armenia on 1 June 2019 following consultations with civil society, was welcomed by the Council as an important tool underpinning reforms in the country.

The EU and Armenia will continue working closely together to monitor progress and to ensure the successful implementation of the CEPA, including through the use of EU assistance.

The Council recalled that the EU had earmarked more than €160 million in assistance for Armenia for the period 2017–2020. In recognition of Armenia's determination to pursue a reform agenda and to implement the CEPA effectively, the EU will allocate an additional €25 million in the context of its 2019 Annual Action Plan of assistance for Armenia.

The Council stressed the need to make the best possible use of these resources to maximise the impact of reforms and to improve the living conditions of citizens in a visible and tangible manner.

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