EU-Armenia labour migrants reintegration project launches information platform

photo: iMigrantArmenia.EU project
photo: iMigrantArmenia.EU project

A new platform that will link Armenian labour migrants, diaspora and repatriates and help them re-integrate in their home country was recently presented in Armenia.

The online Community Development Investment System (CDIS) was developed by the EU-funded “iMigrantArmenia.EU” project. It will also serve as a source of information for foreigners intending to invest in competitive community development projects and business ideas and influence the development of the Armenian economy.

The iMigrantArmenia.EU project aims to support Armenia’s labour migrants and their families to convert their migration potential into the creation of innovative business models and start-ups in their communities.

It also aims to maximise the contribution of Armenian circular labour migrants to the development of their communities through the repatriation of skills, experiences and financial capital from the host country to their communities of return. Another important target of the project are people based abroad, including Armenians, who are interested in investing in clusters, value chains and businesses in Armenia.

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