EU and UNDP help create virtual space for Georgian and Ossetian youth dialogue

Photo: European Union
Photo: European Union

On 3 September, the public launch of the House of Peace project aiming to unite youth from the Tskhinvali/South Ossetia region, divided by the conflict, took place in the city of Gori.

The House of Peace web platform (available in Georgian, Ossetian and Russian) is developed by the non-governmental ‘Coalition for IDPs’ Rights’ with the EU and UNDP support. The website presents over 100 posters, blogs, graphic comics, quizzes, videos and animations, created by young people from both sides of the Administrative Boundary Line (ABL) and reflects life in their communities. It also includes information about the COVID-19 virus and practical recommendations on how to stay safe amid the pandemic.

On the website, a chatbot named Nelly answers questions and guides users through the website content. The chatbot is named in honour of Nelly Gabaraeva (1956-2019), an Ossetian photographer and artist who dedicated her life to creating a photographic portrait of Tskhinvali.

The event will be followed by a social media campaign to promote the House of Peace platform on Facebook and Instagram.

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