EU and Belarus step up cooperation on water policy

Photo: EUWI+
Photo: EUWI+

On 5 December, the European Union Water Initiative Plus for the Eastern Partnership (EUWI+) held the inaugural meeting of the National Interagency Steering Committee in the Belarusian capital of Minsk. This high-level meeting is part of the EU’s support of the national dialogue on integrated water resources management in the country.

The meeting gathered together members of the Interagency Steering Committee recently nominated by the country’s government. The members represent various ministries and entities including the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Emergency Situations and the National Statistics Committee. Representatives from the EU Delegation to Belarus, international organisations and independent experts have also participated.

The Committee discussed the role of the EUWI+ in support of water policy reform in Belarus as well as the draft National Water Strategy until 2030. The strategy aims at sustainable management and the preservation of water resources in view of climate change. It will contribute to the implementation of related sustainable development goals.

Belarus is involved in the EUWI+ project to comply with requirements of the European Water Framework Directive. The project is supporting the country in its efforts to implement integrated water resource management until 2020.

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